In the times of the Soviet Union speedway or track racing was extremely popular. About 30 teams took part in championships held all over the country. International success of racers encouraged the recognition of this sport. After the collapse of the USSR, the new state stopped its sponsorship of speedway. Only in the beginning of the 2000th the sport began its revival. But at present there are only four teams in the team championship. One of them is Bashkiria, a club from Oktyabrski, a small town in the west of Bashkortostan.

The most fruitful period for the club was in the 2000th, which still has been remembered by the fans. In 2007 the financing was stopped and the club broke up. Only in 2010 it returned to the team championship. The team still needs support to obtain expensive equipment and develop the club which is necessary to compete on a country’s scale. Despite all the hardships the team members don’t give up.