As a souvenir 

I have always wanted to travel, even to live on the journey for some time. I feel fine while traveling, I don’t get tired, maybe it’s the reason why I often move from one place to another, and, if once I make up my mind to settle somewhere, it will be definitely in the countryside. I come from a small town, I feel easier and simpler in open spaces, in the verdure, among parks, old two-floor houses, where I have the feeling that I have already been there.

I moved to Saint Petersburg in autumn 2018, and visiting the suburbs turned into small journeys, whereas earlier it seemed that one should certainly fly to another part of the world in order to learn something new, to admire and get surprised.

On the journey I not only discover something unusual and unattainable, choose, realize, master, but I also revert to my memories, and a photo as a souvenir revives long forgotten, often insignificant but at the same time pleasant moments of the past.